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Non-alcoholic hot drinks from GERSTACKER

It tastes and warms - without alcohol

Christkindles® Children Punch by GERSTACKER


Our famous original Christkindles children's punch is a real treat for young and old. It is produced according to a secret, ancient recipe. Its fruity sweetness comes from its fruit juice content (25%) of fruit juice concentrates, which are refined with natural winter spice aromas.

Pleasure tip: Pairs excellently with Nuremberg gingerbread, cookies, stollen and other winter pastries. Ideal drinking temperature is 58-62 degrees centigrade. Ready to drink – heat only – do not cook!


Available bundle dimensions:
1,0 l
Christkindles Kinderpunsch von GERSTACKER 6er Karton
6er Karton
Christkindles Kinderpunsch von GERSTACKER 10l BiB
10 l Bag in Box