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GERSTACKER Bratapfelpunsch

GERSTACKER baked apple punch


You like baked apples? Then our baked apple punch is ideal for you. Let yourself be enchanted by the scent of caramel and baked apples. The traditional recipe with its special spice mixture rounds off this baked apple punch to the finest.  Enjoy our baked apple punch at the Nuremberg Christmas Market or simply at home. It is available in our factory outlet or in many supermarkets. Of course, our baked apple punch is also available in a 10 l bulk pack. 

Pleasure tip: Ideal drinking temperature is 58-62 degrees centigrade. Ready to drink – heat only – do not cook!


Available bundle dimensions:
GERSTACKER Brat-Apfelpunsch
1,0 l
GERSTACKER Brat-Apfelpunsch 6er Karton
6er Karton
GERSTACKER Brat-Apfelpunsch 6er Karton
10 l Bag in Box