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Pleasure which warms from the inside

GERSTACKER Schokoladen Punsch

GERSTACKER chocolate punch


Let yourself be indulged by this successful taste composition from GERSTACKER. The chocolate punch combines our selected red wine with a strong chocolate flavour and natural spices. It is refined with natural spice extracts and cream. The aromatic taste will enchant you. 

Pleasure tip: A cream topping with chocolate sprinkles! Please shake it before use. We recommend to put the open bottle into the fridge and consume it within 2- 3 days.

Ideal drinking temperature is 58-62 degrees centigrade. Ready to drink – heat only – do not cook!


Available bundle dimensions:
GERSTACKER Schokoladen Punsch
1,0 l
GERSTACKER Schokoladen Punsch 6er Karton
6er Karton