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Berry wines from GERSTACKER

Fruity wine taste manufactured from the best berries

Meistersinger cherry wine

Meistersinger cherry wine


This cherry wine in a swing stopper bottle is made exclusively from 100% selected cherr wine, without artificial flavours or other additives. With its unmistakable cherry bouquet and velvety red colour, this cherry wine is a real treat and should not be missing from any wine rack. Whether pure, as spritzer or on ice as a small refreshment - the Meistersinger cherry wine convinces with its outstanding quality. 

Pleasure tip: Enjoy slightly chilled!


Available bundle dimensions:
Meistersinger Kirschwein in der Bügelflasche
750 ml
Meistersinger Kirschwein in der Bügelflasche 6er Karton
6er Karton