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Taste which refreshes - without alcohol

Safiras Drachen Trunk

Safrias dragon drink



Absolutely fun for kids: The drolly earth dragons are always in good mood, live in the magic world of Tarakona and are very close to the nature. They can let grow trees, flowers and bushes in a short-time that all dragons have enough to eat. In the world of Safiras live earth dragons, water dragons, air dragons, fire dragons and shadow dragons.

Our Safiras dragon drink is made of 50% fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate and promises a drinking pleasure for both old and young. Have fun on your expedition in the world of dragons. 

The Safiras from Simba Toys are well-known from radio and television as well as many co-operations (see also

Pleasure tip: ready to drink – serve well-cooled


Available bundle dimensions:
Safiras Drachen Trunk
740 ml