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CKM aus Rosewein

GERSTACKER Christkindles® Market mulled wine rosé

Our Christkindles® Markt-Glühwein is one of the most famous mulled wines in Germany. Due to its popularity, you can now enjoy this specialty as a rosé mulled wine. The balanced, harmonious spice mixture consists only of natural spice extracts.

You can buy this mulled wine in wholesale, in well-stocked supermarkets and in our factory outlet. For serving at the Christmas market, in the catering industry or for other festivities, this mulled wine is of course also available in the 10l bulk pack (BiB) and in the 600 l bulk container.

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Genuss-Tipp: Passt hervorragend zu Nürnberger Lebkuchen, Plätzchen, Stollen und anderem Wintergebäck. Ideale Trinktemperatur: 58-62°C. Trinkfertig – nur erhitzen – nicht kochen!