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The History of GERSTACKER

Traditional family business - Company with future

For more than 70 years Gerstacker has provided good taste. Today the family company is one of the biggest wine bottlers. But how did it all begin?

1945 - Establishment

The history of Gerstacker begins shortly after the Second World War. Friedrich Gerstacker and his wife opened a small brandy factory in Fürth near Nuremberg / Bavaria. Together with Mister Thomas, a Nuremberg distiller, they concentrated on the manufacturing of Franconian noble brandies. When the first restaurants reopened Friedrich Gerstacker advertised his brandies there and also went door to door selling bottle to bottle.

1962 - Move and first mulled wine

The small company moved to Nuremberg and in 1965 for the first time the Gerstacker mulled wine was presented at the world-famous Nuremberg Christmas market - with overwhelming success. At this time the mulled wine was only produced with traditional recipes and quickly won popularity.

1973 until 2003 - Generation change and opening of a second plant

Till now Hans-Friedrich Gerstacker, son of the company founder, led the business. This time was very successful therefore 20 years later Gerstacker opened a second plant in Crossen / Thuringia. In 2003 the third generation member Stefanie Gerstacker took over the company, 30 years after it was founded by her grandfather, Hans-Friedrich Gerstacker.

2007 - New construction in Nuremberg, Bavaria

In 2007 the headquarters moved. The new headquarters includes an modern production facility and administration building located in the Nuremberg harbour.

2008 until today - Innovation and tradition

Today the combination of innovation and tradition ensures a unique quality and special taste of the Gerstacker products. Our company works for the future and we continuously collaborate together with our customers on innovative, delicious recipes for new drink specialities. In this connection a successful cooperation with the cult bar “Sansibar” is created.