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We produce to the highest standard

Dear customers,

Quality is our highest bid!

Since our establishment over 75 years ago quality has always been our top priority. Already Friedrich Gerstacker, the company founder, guarantees with his name top quality and since then the second and third family generation has honoured this promise. Tradition, value and responsibility are our daily obligations, incentives and part of our company philosophy.

The brand names with which our GERSTACKER products are marked are a promise and a guarantor for the highest quality and pleasure.

Selected raw materials

GERSTACKER only choose raw materials that correspond to our strict quality standards. These materials will be controlled and analysed in our own laboratory by our competent laboratory assistants and food chemists. Furthermore we work faithful together with external laboratories.

Exquisite recipes

The recipe of our famous Nuremberger Christmas market mulled wine was developed together with a known Nuremberg „Lebküchner“ on the recipe of the world famous Nuremberg ginger bread and it remains unchanged to date.

Our exquisite, traditional and secret spice extracts which consists of cloves, maces, cardamom, pimento, nutmeg or cinnamon and many other spices mark the Nuremberg trade route (in accordance with the historical motto: “Nuremberg knick-knacks goes to all land country”) and some additional secrets are passed from generation to generation only in the family.  

Special production technologies and methods

GERSTACKER manufactures all products on the base of traditional craftsmanship, modern methods and technologies. They are partly secret and self-developed. Together they produce a harmonious, unique and distinctive taste experience which our consumers have recognised for decades.

Top products manufactured from people

Our high quality standards can only be guaranteed by well trained and engaged employees. Our employees work daily with great care, passion, trust and reliability to ensure the perfect creation of our products.

Family Gerstacker

We have been a family company since 1945 and are now in our third generation today.

GERSTACKER has written history with the Original Nuremberg Christmas Market mulled wine from the world famous Christmas market. Through the hard work of our long-standing and new employees in administration, production and logistics in both plants our success has been able to last decades.

The owner family and the company group are closely linked to Nuremberg because the Nuremberg mulled wine is a geographical indication of origin. In this context the protection association was founded some time ago. Gerstacker was the main founding member. In the association are considerable personalities. The association provides an excellent work for the welfare of the Nuremberg mulled wine.


We have a wide and deep range and constantly work on creating new, exciting innovations. Our product developers work alone but also together with both national and international commercial customers on creating new products. Recently the cult bar “Sansibar” on Sylt has partnered with Gerstacker. Due to this we create new, interesting products for our customers.  


We always see ourselves as service providers for all our customers and we are always eager to meet every request. Everybody who works with us knows that we are often try to perform magic.

The Gerstacker company recipe include: Quality, Innovation, Tradition, Development and Responsibility. We aim to produce the highest quality products using traditional recipes with the best raw materials and ingredients available. We have a responsibility to produce our products with the best and safest technologies and equipment and this standard is always maintained. We like to produce the “perfect” product and we are learning and refining our processes to ensure we are continuously developing and crowing as a company.

GERSTACKER is uncompromisingly aimed at premium ideas and inspires countless people daily.

Kind regards

Your family Gerstacker