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The original mulled wines of the GERSTACKER group

Winter classics in different types

Nuremberg Christmas market mulled wine PGI


For over 50 years the people at the Christmas market have enjoyed this delicious mulled wine speciality together with gingerbread and grilled sausages. The balanced and harmonic blend of spices which only consists of natural spice extracts for example blueberry, anise, cardamom, maces, nutmeg, cloves, orange and lemon peels, pimento, cinnamon and others has made this Nuremberg Christmas market mulled wine the most popular mulled wine of Germany.

Nuremberg mulled wine is an EU protected designation of special quality and goodness. This mulled wine has to be manufactured in Nuremberg.

Pleasure tip: Pairs excellently with Nuremberg gingerbread, cookies, stollen and other winter pastries. 
Ideal drinking temperature is 58-62 degrees centigrade. Ready to drink – heat only – do not cook!


Available bundle dimensions:
1,0 l
6er Karton
10 l Bag in Box